Powerfilter™ Oil Filter- Large Domestic 13/16-16 UN

Product #: PP-10884
Finish: Aluminum
Product Name: Powerfilter™ Oil Filter- Large Domestic 13/16-16 UN
Price: $127.95
Additional Information
This outstanding line of Powerfilter Oil Filters consists of billet style precision machined products made of aircraft quality aluminum. The filter element itself is a finely woven 45 micron stainless steel mesh that is easily removed and can be washed clean and reused. That's why we call it a lifetime filter. However, we do offer inexpensive replacement elements in case your original one becomes damaged or otherwise in need of replacement. We also offer replacement o-ring kits as well. Additionally, extra fine elements are available for racing applications.

Bushing Thread: 13/16-16 UN
Bushing Part#: PP-10845
Replacement Element Standard: PP-10812
Replacement Element Race: PP-10814

Large Domestic- O-ring O.D. is 3.642" and I.D. is 3.152". Shown without center bushing. Thread without bushing is 1.5-12 UNF. Available bushing at this time is limited to 13/16-16 UN.

Note: O-ring dimensions are approximate: ±.005"

The given thread size is the size of the threaded nipple that sticks out of the engine block. The filter threads onto this nipple.