WHIRLWIND® GSR 1994-'01 Acura-GSR (B18C & B18C-1)- Satin

WHIRLWIND® GSR 1994-'01 Acura-GSR (B18C & B18C-1)- Satin
Product #: PP-59003
Finish: Satin
Product Name: WHIRLWIND® GSR 1994-'01 Acura-GSR (B18C & B18C-1)- Satin
Price: $225.95
Additional Information
This new manifold is similar in design to the Type R model shown above. It also features a larger, longer plenum which provides better distribution to the last port runner avoiding starvation normally found on turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous equipped vehicles. The main inlet is 65mm and can be easily opened for larger throttle bodies if desired. This manifold has had all of the vacuum ports as well as some accessory pads moved to the back of the manifold for a clean, uncluttered look. It also features additional vacuum ports compared to the stock manifold. It is designed as a bolt-on replacement for the stock manifold. This manifold eliminates the two-stage design of the stock unit which eliminates flow restrictions and provides for more top end power. This manifold also has nitrous bosses integrally cast into the runners on the underside of the manifold for those of you who would like to utilize a port injected nitrous system on your engine.

Also see our Fuel Rail page for compatible Fuel Rails.

Must Use O.E. Injectors or Equivalent.

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