HURRICANE™ Big Block Chevy Manifold- Rectangular Ports- Satin

HURRICANE™ Big Block Chevy Manifold- Rectangular Ports- Satin
Product #: PP-53031
Finish: Satin
Product Name: HURRICANE™ Big Block Chevy Manifold- Rectangular Ports- Satin
Price: $254.95
Additional Information
These manifolds for Big Block Chevys are a worthy companion to the phenomenally successful single plane small block racing manifold. Designed for serious performance big block applications, they feature nitrous bosses, dual distributor holddowns, four corner water ports, and are available for both rectangular or oval port cylinder heads. Rectangular port size at the gasket flange is 1.69-inches wide by 2.31-inches tall, which can be opened up to match the gasket and/or larger port cylinder heads. Runner size is effective for 468 to 540 cid engines. This manifold is available in a satin or show polished finish.

Note: Use Professional Products intake gasket PP-53601 or Fel-Pro intake gaskets #1211 (Printoseal) or #1275 (non-Printoseal). Both of these gaskets are the standard 1/16-inch thickness. Fel-Pro also offers a 1/8-inch thick non-Printoseal gasket set #1239 which could be required in some instances where the cylinder heads have been machined. Use an 800 cfm or larger 4150 square bore carburetor.

FREE BONUS: Set of Professional Products Intake Gaskets with silicone sealing bead will be included FREE with your manifold order.

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