HURRICANE+PLUS™ 1957-’95 Small Block Chevy V8- Satin

HURRICANE+PLUS™ 1957-’95 Small Block Chevy V8- Satin
Product Name: HURRICANE+PLUS™ 1957-’95 Small Block Chevy V8- Satin
Price: $215.95
Additional Information
When Professional Products introduced the Hurricane for Vortec several years ago Professional Products made some subtle changes in the runners and the port dividers that were different from the standard Hurricane for 23° heads. One of the astute engine builders noticed this and modified the Vortec Hurricane to fit the standard heads. This made a significant improvement in power. So for the last several years Professional Products have considered making a 23° head version of that design for the racer customers. Here it is. Various dyno tests on engines ranging from 350 to 400 cid have shown anywhere from 7 to as much as 20 more horsepower out of this manifold over the standard Hurricane on 23° head engines. Variations are due to different engine combinations but every one showed an increase. We are now including the original Vortec version under the Hurricane+Plus name.

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