PowerForce+Plus -Fits 2005 & LATER 4.6L FORD 3V

PowerForce+Plus -Fits 2005 & LATER 4.6L FORD 3V
Product #: PP-90040
Product Name: PowerForce+Plus -Fits 2005 & LATER 4.6L FORD 3V
Sale Price: $186.26
/ Regular Price: $206.95
These dampers are designed for the 2005 and later 4.6L 3V Ford engine used in Mustang vehicles. If you are competitively racing your Mustang or using this engine in a race vehicle, then you need a damper that meeets SFI specification #18-1 and our Powerforce+Plus model is your most cost effective choice. Save over a hundred bucks compared to other dampers available for this engine.We also have the only low cost street style damper for the 4.6L 3V engine with our #80040 Powerforce model, recommended for heavy duty street applications on a modded Mustang. Performance heavy duty dampers provide extra insurance against a stock damper disintegrating at high engine speeds and causing major damage.

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