PowerForce -Fits 454/502 BB Chevy

PowerForce -Fits 454/502 BB Chevy
Product #: PP-80005
Product Name: PowerForce -Fits 454/502 BB Chevy
Sale Price: $103.46
/ Regular Price: $114.95
These dampers are dimensionally the same as the O.E. 454 damper with an 8" O.D. and a 1.732 inertia ring thickness. The dampers feature 60 of clear, easy to read timing marks along with engraved marks every 90 degrees. The dampers both feature a bolt-in counterweight which can be removed if a neutral balance damper is desired. The damper comes with the correct counterweight, part number 91005, which is also available separately. Both the Powerforce High Performance damper for street and the SFI-spec Powerforce+Plus damper for all-out racing are extremely affordable dampers. Professional Products dampers are among the very best selling high performance dampers available.

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