PowerForce+Plus -Fits FE BB Ford

PowerForce+Plus -Fits FE BB Ford
Product #: PP-90009
Product Name: PowerForce+Plus -Fits FE BB Ford
Sale Price: $242.96
/ Regular Price: $269.95
This damper is identical dimensionally to the damper originally used on the high performance 427. That engine's stock damper had an integral single groove pulley. This damper includes this pulley and although our damper is 7.5" in diameter, it can be used on any FE engine including those that had a stock 7" damper. This damper is designed to allow the removal of the stock single groove pulley, and your multiple groove pulleys can bolt directly to it. An adapter spacer is included with the damper to allow proper belt alignment. This damper also comes with a universal timing pointer to suit the larger 7.5" diameter damper and the pointer will bolt to either of the two different bolt patterns Ford used for timing pointers.

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