PowerForce -Fits LS1, LS6 Corvette

PowerForce -Fits LS1, LS6 Corvette
Product #: PP-80033
Product Name: PowerForce -Fits LS1, LS6 Corvette
Sale Price: $98.96
/ Regular Price: $109.95
These dampers are very similar to the PP-80032/PP-90032 except they are shorter to fit the 1997-07 Corvette. Because of this shorter length, this damper would be a good choice for engine transplants where front space is at a premium. However, this would also require the use of Corvette accessory brackets in order for the drive belts to line up. Although not required on a stock engine, these dampers have a keyway as well as a TDC timing mark with additional engraved marks every 90 degrees. These extremely high quality dampers are less expensive than any other LS1/LS2 Corvette damper from any competitive damper manufacturer.

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