PowerForce+Plus -Fits Nissan L-Series

PowerForce+Plus -Fits Nissan L-Series
Product #: PP-90055
Product Name: PowerForce+Plus -Fits Nissan L-Series
Sale Price: $213.26
/ Regular Price: $236.95
This damper is basically dimensionally the same as the 1970-'78 Nissan damper for L-Series engines without power steering. Will also work on later 1979-'83 engines without power steering or air conditioning, as it only has one accessory drive pulley. The front of the pulley has two tapped holes that would allow special fabricated pulleys to be adapted to the front of the damper if needed for additional accessory drives. The Professional Products Harmonic Dampers for L-Series Nissan engines are basically very similar to the popular "Euro" damper from Nissan Competition Division. The "Euro" damper is now discontinued and no longer available. We believe our two dampers are the only performance models available for these engines.

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