PowerForce -Fits '61-'79 Pontiac

PowerForce -Fits '61-'79 Pontiac
Product #: PP-80020
Product Name: PowerForce -Fits '61-'79 Pontiac
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The PowerForce and PowerForce+Plus dampers for Pontiacs are dimensionally the same as the 1969 through 1979 O.E. production dampers. In order to fit this damper to a 1961-'68 engine, the use of a 1969 or later timing chain cover, water pump and related accessories are required These parts are available from wrecking yards or Year One at 800-932-7663. Late model timing covers are also being reproduced by aftermarket companies* as well. Unlike some competitive dampers, our models include the tapered machining on the outer inertia ring which allows the use of the stock pulleys. These are both outstanding dampers for the Pontiac engine and are being widely used by Pontiac enthusiasts. Both include 60 of timing marks and engraved marks every 90 degrees.

*See: www.krepower.com 

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