PowerForce+Plus -Fits 283/327/350 SB Chevy

PowerForce+Plus -Fits 283/327/350 SB Chevy
Product #: PP-90000
Product Name: PowerForce+Plus -Fits 283/327/350 SB Chevy
Sale Price: $149.36
/ Regular Price: $165.95
The PP-80000 and PP-90000 dampers are 6-3/4" in diameter and approximately 1-1/8" thick. These are the most popular dampers for internally balanced small block Chevys. These dampers are dimensionally identical to the stock G.M. 6-3/4" damper. They have 60 of easy to read timing marks and engraved marks every 90 degrees. The Powerforce high performance street model weighs approximately 8-1/2 pounds and the Powerforce+Plus race model weighs 9.3 pounds. The Powerforce high performance street model is also available in a polished stainless steel version suitable for street rods and show vehicles (PP-82000 and PP-82001).  

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