PowerForce+Plus -Fits 350 SB Chevy

PowerForce+Plus -Fits 350 SB Chevy
Product #: PP-90002
Product Name: PowerForce+Plus -Fits 350 SB Chevy
Sale Price: $178.16
/ Regular Price: $197.95
The PP-80002 and PP-90002 are both terrific all around high performance dampers. The PP-80002 makes a great damper for high performance street applications, and the PP-90002 is the choice for racing when you want maximum damping to protect the rotating parts as well as the timing gears, timing chain and valve train. Optimum damping means your engine will run as smoothly as possible, and you are getting accurate valve timing. An improperly dampened engine can result in premature crank failure, as well as incorrect valve timing, thus robbing your engine of power. The Powerforce street model is very similar to the much more expensive G.M. Performance malleable iron 8-inch damper except the Proffessional Products model is made of stronger nodular iron with more timing marks.

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