PowerForce -Fits Late SB Ford 1981-'95

PowerForce -Fits Late SB Ford 1981-'95
Product #: PP-80007
Product Name: PowerForce -Fits Late SB Ford 1981-'95
Sale Price: $91.76
/ Regular Price: $101.95
Proffessional Products SB Ford Dampers have more universal features than any other damper. All SB Ford models are made to the early short length of 3". This allows the use of a late 5.0L engine with a 50 oz. in. damper to be used in an early chassis where front clearance is at a minimum. To fit in late vehicles, we offer a series of spacers to provide the correct front pulley alignment. See link to Spacer Chart below. These Ford dampers also have three sets of timing marks and both 3 and 4-bolt accessory pulley bolt patterns. The plastic insert shown in the photos can be used to center 3-bolt pulleys with a female pilot, or it can be removed to accept 3-bolt pulleys with a male pilot. These dampers are very versatile and can be used on many different Ford engines.

Spacers required for some applications. See Spacer Chart

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