The FuelOnDemand kit is one of those products that anyone using an electric fuel pump should have but most people don't realize it. With a mechanical pump the faster the engine goes the more fuel is pumped. But an electric pump is pumping the same amount of fuel (or trying to) at idle as it is at 8,000 rpm. Where does that fuel go? It doesn't as the pump continues to deadhead the fuel against the regulator. This is one reason electric pumps make a lot of noise at idle or low engine speeds. It's also a reason the electric pumps tend to
fail prematurely. And even worse, this condition tends to heat up the fuel causing it to expand and as a result the amount of power your engine develops decreases. That's because the heated fuel expands and becomes less dense and when it is injected or drawn into the engine there is less actual fuel supplied compared to what would be delivered if the fuel was cooler.
So how does the
FuelOnDemand kit solve this issue? It monitors the desired fuel pressure and modulates the speed of the electric pump to only run fast enough to deliver the required amount of fuel. So at idle, your electric pump is barely running which results in quieter operation, longer life and cooler fuel. An added benefit to the FuelOnDemand kit is that it can eliminate the need for a fuel return line. Every new vehicle built since 1997 uses a similar system to control the fuel. No injected vehicle built since that time has a fuel return line.
FuelOnDemand kit can also be used with a carburetor. The control module has three settings on it; one is 45 PSI for injected systems using a return line, the second is 45 PSI for injected systems not using a return line, and the third is 7 PSI for a carbureted engine. You can switch from one mode to the other with a supplied magnetized wand. Or if none of these settings suit you, you can connect a laptop and set the system for whatever fuel pressure setting you want. But this is just the beginning of what you can do with this kit. Let's say you are running a port injection system (such as the Powerjection II system) and you have 30 lb./hr. injectors at 45 PSI. This will supply enough fuel for 425 HP. You can increase the fuel pressure with your regulator to provide enough fuel for more power, but then your engine may not run right at idle or low engine speeds. But with FuelOnDemand you can program your system to operate at 45 PSI at idle or light load conditions(FuelOnDemand elminates the need for a regulator) and then have the pressure bumped up to 70 PSI under load. Now you are providing enough fuel to service 540 HP. This same scenario can work on a blown
engine where you can program the
FuelOnDemand to increase the fuel pressure as blower boost goes up. The control unit contains a 2.5BAR MAP sensor which can work with engines producing up to 25 pounds of boost.
Note that the
FuelOnDemand Kit can be utilized with any aftermarket EFI kit or even an OE fuel injection system produced prior to 1997. Now you can have full control over your fuel delivery system.

PP-70035FuelOnDemand Kit$295.95