EFI Snorkels

EFI Inlet Snorkels

There are many of these inlets available in the performance industry but this is the only one we know of that is fully adjustable and allows you to position it in a full 360° manner in increments of 15° each. This provides a great amount of flexibility in positioning the inlet to clear other under hood components and permit the best routing of the air inlet hose. The base flange bolts to any square bore 4150 carb flange. It features an o-ring seal between it and the main body. The main body has a 6-bolt inlet flange and a GM LS2 throttle body will bolt directly to this flange. Then we offer two additional adapters. One permits the use of a GM (or aftermarket) LS1 or LS6 throttle body and the other provides a nipple for a 4” diameter air inlet hose for turbo or supercharger applications. Main kit and various adapters include all necessary gaskets and hardware. As with many of our lines of products, this kit is substantially less expensive than similar competitive products, despite the fact that our unit offers many additional features.

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Base bolts to any 4150 square bore carb flange
Multiple tapped holes allow 360°positioning in 15° increments
Any 4-bolt GM LS2 style throttle body will bolt directly to main housing.
Adapter 70217 will allow the use of a 4” inlet hose for supercharger or turbo applications.
Adapter 70215 will allow a GM LS1 throttle body to be used.
Professional Products LS1 throttle body is shown in place.

This shows the main EFI Snorkel Assembly complete with base, main housing, o-ring, gasket, and hardware. It is available both polished or satin.This is the 70214/70215 Adaper to permit use of any LS1/LS6 GM or aftermarket throttle body.
This is the 70216/70217 Adapter to use with a 4” air inlet tube for supercharger or turbocharger applications. (Note: Gaskets for the two adapter kits are not shown in the photo but are supplied.)