Powerjection III- Details

About Powerjection III

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The Powerjection III is an amazing accomplishment in engineering. It is
by far the simplest and cleanest afermarket EFI system available.
Which also means it is the easiest to install and tune. The "Adaptive Learning"
feature eliminates the necessity for laptop programming and tuning,
except on the most radical engines. By "cleanest," we mean it has minimal
wiring showing, so for those street rod, street machine, and custom car
enthusiasts who object to other EFI systems because of all the engine
clutter with wires running everywhere, this is the system they have been
waiting for.

And just because this is the simplest...as well as one of the least expensive
aftermarket EFI systems...don't consider it a cut-rate design with
important features left out. First it utilizes a wideband O2 sensor, a feature
missing from many competitive units. It also has a 2.5 BAR MAP sensor
which means you can run up to 20 PSI of boost if you have a supercharger
or turbocharger. The fuel pump comes with a combination heat
sink and mounting bracket. The EMS (engine management system)
mounts directly on the throttle body eliminating a major portion of the
wiring required. This means you do not have to cut a hole in the firewall.
Additionally the MAP Sensor is packaged into the throttle body which
means one less component cluttering up your firewall and no vacuum
hose needed to run from the firewall mounted sensor to the manifold.

Professional Products pioneered the "Adaptive Learning" feature which
has been marketed now for over two years and competitors are just now
attempting to catch up. The "Adaptive Learning" feature basically does
your tuning for you. At initial setup you enter a few basic simple inputs
into the system with a laptop and the computer creates your own custom
MAP for your vehicle. Then you take the car out for a short spin with some
normal driving coupled to a few full throttle bursts and the EMS literally
rewrites the program specifically for your car. As you continue to drive the
car, the EMS is constantly adjusting the air/fuel ratio to match the conditions
such as temperature, altitude, and any other driving situation you
might encounter. This is by far the most technologically advanced EFI
system available. And now Professional Products has moved the bar even
higher with their new Returnless Powerjection III which includes the industry
leading FuelOnDemand component which provides nearly unlimited
control over your EFI electric fuel pump. Click here for more details
on the revolutionary FuelOnDemand system. The Professional Products
Powerjection III is an outstanding EFI system.